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Building a Police Box   a.k.a. The Doctor's TARDIS

The TARDIS roof lamp

Fix the threaded rod to the container cap

You will need four lengths of Threaded rod, 5mm (3/16") diameter x 300mm (12") long.

Using the cardboard hole template, mark the holes for the threaded rod on the cap flange, the container base, and the apex of the TARDIS roof.

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Drill holes slightly bigger than the width (diameter) of the threaded rod through the hole marks.
Countersink to the depth of a nut, the top of the holes in the cap.

holes drilled and threaded rod inserted in the container cap

Add a nut to one end of each of the four threaded rods.
Sit the cap on top of a prop of some sort to enable the four threaded rods to dangle, once they have been inserted in the holes in the cap.
Apply ample glue (fibreglass resin or similar) around the nuts, and also in the countersunk holes.
Gently turn and twist and move the rods up-and-down to enable the glue to seep around the rod and through every bit of the holes in the container cap.
Wipe off excess glue and leave to dry.

Once dry, sand smooth and paint the cap, the base, and approximately 100mm (4") of the threaded rods (the amount that will runs past the fresnel lens).
Temporary tape the rest of the threaded rods so as not to get any paint on that part. The part of the rods that go inside the TARDIS roof need to be kept clean in order to take washers and nuts. In short, don't paint any of the threaded rod that runs inside of the TARDIS.

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