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Building a Police Box   a.k.a. The Doctor's TARDIS

The TARDIS roof lamp

Assemble the lamp container

the tardis lamp container assembled

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When all is dry, assemble the lamp container - Add a little sealant to the top and bottom rims of the fresnel lens.
With the container cap in upside-down position, place the fresnel lens in between the four threaded rods and sit it on the underside of the cap, then slide the base down the threaded rods until it sits on the other end of the lens. Remember, everything is upside down at the moment. See the picture above.
Then place washers and nuts on the rods underneath the base and tighten them. Voila! The TARDIS light container - all ready to place on top of the TARDIS roof.

Countersink the top of the holes at the top of the roof to house the nuts and washers that are on the underside of the container base.
The lamp container should now fit neatly into place on top of the apex square with the excess threaded rod running through the apex square into the TARDIS.
Then place washers and nuts on the rods underneath the apex square (from inside the TARDIS) and tighten them.

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