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Building a Police Box   a.k.a. The Doctor's TARDIS

The TARDIS roof lamp

Put in a light or two

the tardis light in the lamp container

So! You have the lamp container in place, now you need a light. There is a lot of excess on the four threaded rods that hang inside the TARDIS.

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Make a platform (for the light socket) similar to the container base - i.e., a piece of plywood 137mm (5 3/4") square with four holes drilled to take the threaded rod, just the same as the container base.
Fix an appropriate light socket in the middle of the plywood piece and have an electrician (or qualified person) wire it for you.
Put a light bulb in the socket and push the plywood piece up (with the threaded rod going through the holes) until the light bulb sit at the required height inside the fresnel lens. Hold the platform in place with wing-nuts underneath.

There! Easy to adjust and easy to take out and change the light.

You can also add another light socket to the underside of platform to light up the inside of the TARDIS if so required, although it would be best to run it off different power wires so that both lights are independent of one another.

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