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How to make a Concrete Chair
a concrete chair
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Concrete Chair See the video
bullet Page one: Introduction
bullet Page two: The Plans and Material Requirements
arrow Page three: Instructions - Making the Form
bullet Page four: Instructions - The Reinforcing Steel
bullet Page five: Instructions - Pouring the Concrete
bullet Page six: Instructions - The Footing
bullet Page seven: The Finishing Touches   -   User Comments/Photos

Making the form (mold).

the sides of the form for the concrete chair Step 1.Cut the sides of the form

The form is the mold that holds the concrete and reinforcing steel in place until such time as the concrete hardens.

Cut all the side pieces for the form (mold) out of 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" wood. (That is, 2"x4" that has been dressed or planed).

Refer to the plans on page 2 for the lengths and angles.

Lay the pieces for each side in place on a flat surface. Nail the joins securely.

Note: This is the standard (feet and inch version). The metric version can be seen here.

Assemble and brace the form sides for the concrete chair Step 2. Brace the sides of the form

Lay the two sides on a flat surface in mirror fashion.

Nail a diagonal brace to each side as shown in the picture.

The braces can be made out of plywood or boards at least 6" wide.

the front of the concrete chair form Step 3. Attach the front to the form

The front of the form consists of plastic sheet under plywood.

The plastic sheet will give the concrete a smooth finish.

Cut both the plastic sheets and the front plywood pieces to the dimensions given in the materials requirement list on page 2.

Lay the plastic sheets and the plywood front pieces in place (the plastic sheets will be under the plywood front piece) and fix with screws, screwing through both the plywood and the plastic into the sides of the form.

Step 4. Plastic sheet in the form the plastic sheet in the concrete chair form

Turn the form over.

The picture shows the plastic sheet in the front of the form.

The plastic sheet is to give the concrete a smooth finish and is optional if you don't mind a rougher finish.

The concrete in the form will take on a finish the same as the inside of the form itself. For example, smooth plastic will give a smooth finish to the concrete, whereas wood will give the same finish as the wood used.

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