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How to make a Concrete Chair
a concrete chair
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Concrete Chair See the video
bullet Page one: Introduction
bullet Page two: The Plans and Material Requirements
bullet Page three: Instructions - Making the Form
bullet Page four: Instructions - The Reinforcing Steel
bullet Page five: Instructions - Pouring the Concrete
arrow Page six: Instructions - The Footing
bullet Page seven: The Finishing Touches   -   User Comments/Photos

The footing and more concrete.

Step 11. Take off the form take off the back of the form

Two weeks later.

You can now take off the form-it should come apart easily enough by simply unscrewing the screws.

Presumably, you have left it for a couple of weeks and the concrete is nice and hard.

Once stripped of the form, the chair will have to be moved to its rightful place over the footing hole (once it is dug).

This chair is very heavy, so please read the warning in the introduction on page one. Actually, you probably won't so I will say it again.

A very important note.
The concrete chair is very, very, very heavy. When you try to position it you will need some strong men who know how to lift and position heavy objects, or some type of suitable mechanical lifting device. The chair is not only heavy but also an awkward shape to try and maneuver. You have been warned.

position the concrete chair over the footing Step 12. Dig the footing and position the chair

Dig the footing hole to a depth at least 4" below the reinforcing steel, and a width and depth that will also give the reinforcing steel at least 4" concrete cover all the way around.

Sit the chair in position on blocks.
Did I mention how heavy and awkward the chair is to maneuver?
Please read the warning in the step above.

pouring the concrete into the footing hole Step 13. Pour the footing concrete

Fill up the footing hole with concrete.

Ensure all the reinforcing steel is well surrounded and vibrate the concrete in the footing by continuously poking a stick in and out and all around it.

You can now leave it for another couple of weeks.

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