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How to make a Garden Lounger
Garden sun lounge DIY outdoor woodworking project
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Relaxing Garden Lounger
bullet Page one: Introduction, Plans and the Cutting List
bullet Page two: Cutting and shaping the pieces
arrow Page three: Making the wheels
bullet Page four: Assembling the frames and slats
bullet Page five: Adding the legs and the wheels   -   User Comments/Photos

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Making the wheels

making the wheel template Step 2: Making the wheel template

First make a rotatable arm. Do this by cutting a strip of card or a thin piece of wood about 3/8" (10mm) wide by 6" (150mm) long, which is slightly longer than the required radius.

Insert a push pin or small nail through the arm 5" (125mm) from one end. Pin the arm to a sheet of card.

Rotate the arm in a circle using the push pin/nail as the pivot point.

Hold a pencil at the end of the rotating arm to mark the circle.

Once marked, remove the arm and cut out the circle.

Step3: Cutting the wheel pieces

To make the two wheels you will need 18 pieces of 3/4" x 3 1/2" (90mm x 19mm) wood that is 12" (300mm) long.

cut all the pieces for the garden lounge chair

wheel for the garden lounge Step 4: Gluing the wheel pieces together

Each wheel is made up of three layers of wood.
Each layer consists of three pieces of board placed together forming a circle.

Use the following instructions and also refer to the pictures below.

Lay three pieces of board, making a circle (the first layer) on a tabletop or other even surface. It is a good idea to put some plastic (or something similar) under the boards to protect the tabletop from glue spillages.

Hold the first layer in place by hammering a few nails around the perimeter of the circle as shown in the picture below.

Add glue to the first layer and then place a second layer on top, making sure that the boards in the second layer run across (at right angles to) the boards in the first layer.
Also make sure that you use a good exterior-type glue suitable for the task. Your local stockist should be able to advise you.

Add glue to the second layer and then place the third layer on top, also making sure that the boards in the third layer run across (at right angles to) those in the second layer.

Cover the top with a bit of plastic to protect the surface, then use a block of wood and clamp the layers together until the glue dries.
glue all the wheel pieces together

garden lounge wheel Step 5: Unclamping and sanding the wheels

Once the glue has dried, unclamp the wheels and sand them smooth.

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