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How to make a Garden Lounger
Garden sun lounge DIY outdoor woodworking project
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Relaxing Garden Lounger
bullet Page one: Introduction, Plans and the Cutting List
bullet Page two: Cutting and shaping the pieces
bullet Page three: Making the wheels
bullet Page four: Assembling the frames and slats
arrow Page five: Adding the legs and the wheels   -   User Comments/Photos

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add the bolts and the wheels to the rear legs Step 10: Adding the bolts, the rear leg brace and the wheels

When the backrest and rear legs are positioned correctly and held steadfast with clamps, they can then be fixed permanently with bolts.
Refer to the plans for bolt placement and refer to the hardware list for bolt sizes.

Then screw in the rear leg brace.

Next drill a 1/2" (12mm) hole in both rear legs, up 2" (50mm) from the bottom for the wheel rod (axle).
Also drill a 1/2" (12mm) hole through the middle of both wheels and then fit them.
wheel detail
How to fit the wheel
Follow the instructions below, referring to the drawing above.
1.) Add locknut 1 to the end of a piece of 1/2" (12mm) galvanized threaded rod 5 1/2" (138mm) long.
2.) Add washer 1, then add the wheel and then washer 2.
3.) Add nut 2 but do not tighten it against the wheel. Allow the wheel to spin freely.
4.) Add washer 3 and then thread the end of the rod through the hole in the rear leg.
5.) Add washer 4 and nut 3 then tighten nut 3 against nut 2 so that the rod is locked firmly in the rear leg. Ensure that the wheel can still spin freely.

fix the wheels to the garden lounge Step 11: Making and fitting the front legs

Cut the front and side legs as shown in the drawing below. You will need two front leg pieces E and two side leg pieces F. (Note that the picture below only shows one pair).
Screw pieces E to pieces F.
front leg detail
Once the two legs are made, it is just simply a matter of tilting the lounge on its end and screwing the legs in place from underneath.

garden lounge finished

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