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How to build an Adirondack Chair     By Les Kenny
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2: Instructions
3: Plans
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Adirondack Chair Note: All the measurements given here are in millimetres.

This chair is made from 150x25 and 100x25 rough-sawn treated pine, all except the chair arms which are made from 150x50 dressed or smooth treated pine (finished size 145x45).

Below are is the material list followed by brief instructions and the plans.

Materials List

Part No. Description Size No. req'd
A Chair frame 150x25x1000 2
B Back spacer 100x25x570 1
C Leg 150x25x575 2
D Lower back frame 100x25x620 1
E Back slats 150x25x1000 4
F Arm brace 100x25x180 2
G Seat slats 35x25x620 13
H Arm 145x45x800 2
I Upper back frame 150x25x770 1
J Front spacer 100x25x620 1
You will also need an exterior type glue, exterior 50mm long screws and 4 10x60 Galvanized coach bolts and washers

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The plans can be purchased online and immediately downloaded to your computer. Purchase here.

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Some brief instructions. Use the plans that follow for reference.

Step 1. Cut the two chair frames (a) to the required shape and dimensions as shown in fig.1 in the plans that follow.

Step 2. Cut the two legs (c) 150x25x575

Step 3. Cut the back spacer (b) 100x25x570

Step 4. Cut the front spacer (j) 100x25x620

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