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adirondack chair
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Adirondack Chair
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Hi There -- this is a comment on the "Adirondack Chair" project.
I just built this chair -- it's a nice design, and not too tricky. When it was all done, though, my wife and I both found that there was too much backward "lean" to the back. So I did a certain amount of jiggering, and tilted the back up by several degrees; it's more comfortable for me this way.
To build the chair with less lean, there are three changes that you need to make to the plans as printed.
1. On the Chair Frame, when cutting out the "notch" that will hold the lower back brace, you need to cut out less, at a less steep angle. Where the plan suggests a 106 deg. angle, use about a 95 deg. angle, and only cut down 1/4". Then cut along a line from that point to the middle of the frame, as on the plan.
2. The arms should be 3" shorter, so 28 1/2".
3. The angle cut at the back end of the arms needs to be 20 deg. instead of 32 deg.
That's it. Make these 3 changes, and everything fits together as the original, but the back is 11-12 degrees more upright.
One other person commented that the chair could be a little narrower; I'd agree. Also, if you reduce the overall width to 23 3/4" or less, then you can get 4 slats out of an 8 foot 1 x 2, rather than three. So all you have to do is reduce the width of:
a) the lower back brace
b) the upper back brace
c) the slats
d) the front spacer
e) the back spacer
by a consistent amount (1-3"). There's enough room between the back slats and the arms at the top to make this change without changing the curved cut of the top and bottom back braces.
Have fun with it! I'm really happy with my chair, now that I've jiggered it into shape.
Kirk Ormand Oberlin, OH

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Hi Buildeazy Team,
Thank you very much for your perfect plan!
In Hamburg I've seen these chairs in a similar design 20 Years ago.
Here in Germany they call them "Hummel Chairs". In 2008 I decided to build some wooden chairs and I remembered the look of those chairs.    Click here to read more and see photos    Kai, Hamburg in Germany