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adirondack chair
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Adirondack Chair
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Thanks for the plans!
I built a couple of these chairs last year and they are a real hit with everyone who sits in them.
Steve Brockton, Northampton, England More and photo  >>>
Hello from Glasgow Scotland just finished the chair and its looking very smart with its new coat of olive green preservative. apart from misreading the chair frame angle of 106deg. I cut it at 160deg. which turned the side frames into the back and front stretchers so all was not lost! and a bit of a struggle at the final assembly "only one pair of hands im afraid"it turned out great I would recommend this project to anyone now for the two seater version and some decent weather to try them out so thanks again for everything .     Danny Fay Scotland
I have just finished my chair and I am stoked with the results! thanks to you guys!     Steve and Di

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This is a Fabulous Project For Me. I've seen this chair being made on all sorts of programs and wanted so badly to be able to make one myself. Now I can. Thanks for the plan.      Andrew
I suppose one can't complain about a free set of plans, eh? And I shouldn't, they are excellent, and the drawings a brilliant addition. It's just that those of us who don't think in metric.... are s.o.l. I note that your new porch swing plans are in both metric and inches and for one, I would vote for having all the plans in both, if you could manage it.
You might want to mention on the Adirondack Chair Plans site that Adirondack is a huge national park in upstate New York, popular with American titans of industry in the 19th century, and still very unpopulated in the winter months, and known for both its rustic furniture, as well as for beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers. A great place to visit, because of its remote location, even in the summer it is not crowded.
All the best,
Mike Connelly Brunswick, Maine
I have completed 2 of these chairs and what fun I had doing so. The chair are in my tv room because of its comfort. Have orders to make more so it goes to show great plan, great project and great comfort.
Brent Nicol  Cape Town  Somerset West