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Kid's DIY Section
young wood workers
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plans for a play fort with climbing wall

kids play fort Detailed downloadable plans in both standard (ft and ins) and metric (mm) dimensions. There is a free version as well as a 'buy and build' version.

The 'buy and build' version is free of any advertising and is print friendly in downloadable PDF file.

Scroll down for purchasing instructions.


making the play fort ladder bulletGround area - Approx 1800mm x 1800mm (6'x6')
bulletFloor area - 1500mm x 1600mm (5' x 5' 4")
bulletOverall ht - 3200mm (10' 8"); Floor ht: 1300mm (4' 4")
bulletAll wood used is treated or suitable for exterior use.
bulletAll bolts are galvanized.

About the plans.

The plans are in both Standard and Metric dimensions.

Measure, cut, drill and assemble. The play fort is designed to be self-supporting, which means that there are no posts to concrete into the ground. This allows the fort to be moved around. The complete frame is fixed together with bolts, so as well as being very strong, the fort can also be dismantled. The building of this project is broken down into two stages. FIRSTLY: the cutting and drilling of all the timber pieces, where there is a detailed drawing of every piece of timber used in the frame showing where to drill every hole and SECONDLY: putting together the structure, with step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: These plans are for a kid's fort. It does however, require an experienced adult DIYer to build the fort. A kid may help.

Features include.....
bulletLadder entry thru trapdoor
bulletClimbing wall
bulletHow to make a counterbalance for the trapdoor
bulletHow to add a slide

Once the members have been cut and all the holes drilled, simply line up the holes in one member with the holes in another member (according to directions), place the bolts in the holes and the fort will take shape automatically.

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