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Garden wishing well
wishing well
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Page 6: Instructions. Scroll down for user comments and/or photos

wishing well spindle Step 12: The spindle, washers, arm and handle.

wishing well spindle

Drill two holes through the extended palings and the strengtheners 1700mm (68") up from the bottom. Make the hole size 35mm (1 3/8") or big enough so that the spindle can easily go through it and turn. We have chosen treated 25x25 (1x1) square lumber for the spindle because it is more readily available and easier to obtain than treated doweling (round rod).

Make up two washers using 100x25x100mm long (1"x4"x4" long) wood. First drill a starter hole through the center of each washer and then cut a square 25x25 (1"x1") hole with a jig-saw.

The outside edge of the washer can be rounded or just left square-shaped.

In a similar fashion, make up the handle arm using a piece of 100x25x 200mm long (1"x4"x8" long) wood. Make a 25x25 (1"x 1") square hole each end.
Now put the spindle, washers, arm and handle together.
Thread the spindle through the holes in the extended palings and strengtheners. Slide a washer on at each end and then put a screw through each washer, fastening it to the spindle. Next, slide the handle arm along the spindle until it is against the washer and fasten to the spindle with a screw.
Fit the handle into the arm hole and fasten with a screw.

Note 1: Pre-drill all shank holes first to avoid splitting.
Note 2: The corners of the washers and arm can be rounded, angled or just left square-shaped.

how to lock the wishing well spindle Step 13: Spindle lock.
Approximately 350mm (14") above the spindle, screw in a hook or partially hammer in a nail and bend it up in a hook shape.
Hang a 600mm (24") length of light chain from the hook. When the handle needs to be locked in place, the chain can be wrapped around the handle and back over the hook.

This is ideal to hold the bucket in the 'wound up' position.

attaching the wishing well rope and bucket Step 14: The rope and bucket.
Tie one end of a length of rope to the spindle, the other end to the bucket handle and that's about it.

Don't forget to throw in a coin and make a wish!

All done. Eazy with a "Z"!

Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson

If you build this wishing well we would love to see a photograph.
User comments/photos below

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User comments and/or photos

From Olivia Redding in Sophia N.C   See photo

My son and i have just built two wishing well's.
Look's great, very easy to make, instruction's very easy to follow.
What a wonderful wesite, thank's Buildeazy looking forward to more job's from this website. GREAT!!!!!!!!.   Clare and Ray

Hi, I build the wishing well following your plan to hide the real artesian well head. Thanks for the free plans, it turned out nice and was easy. Use the photos as you wish.
Jean   Labelle, Quebec, Canada   See photos

Thanks so the plans, with the help of them we created this beautiful wishing well. It cover our septic tank cover and is easy to move if need be. Margaret Nelson BC   See photo

I wanted to cover the pipes from our well so I used your plans as a guide.
I sawed our aerator tank in half and placed that over the pipes so I could use it as a backing for my left over fence boards. All I needed to buy were screws and strapping. Everything else was left from the fence.
I used a 5-gal paint bucket for the backing of my wooden bucket and PVC pipe for the crank.
I really like my wishing well. Thanks for great instructions, even though I improvised.
Here are my pictures. Beverly from Naples, FL

Thanks for the wishing well plans !!! It was a fun and easy project !!
I changed the roof design a little by using cedar shingles.
   New Hampshire    See photo

We had never built anything before, but we found the plans for the wishing well and gave it a try. We were so happy with the outcome that we scaled down the plans and made two small wells for our mothers for Mother's Day.    Clark. USA    See photo

I recently built your Wishing Well and Bucket, here is a picture of it in my front yard. I would have a couple of suggestions....#1 - I would cut the inside paling so it reaches from the ground to the point inside the roof #2 - for those who have trouble getting the circle to go inside the bottom, lifting it with a hydraulic jack with a short 2 x 4 inside helps.    Thanks, Shirley Adams See photo

Here is a picture of the wishing well planter that I built from your free project plans.
I have made a few changes to fit my taste, but it is your plan that I built it by. Thanks for the plan, You may use any of the following photos (if you wish) to show my finished product.    Rick Hopes Eureka,Utah    See photo

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