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How to make kid's bunks

bunk beds
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How to make kid's bunk beds

Page Contents
1: Introduction
2: Identifying the parts
3: About measurements, bunk size, mattress
4: Materials, Cutting list for the beds
5: Materials, Cutting list for the bunk ends
6: PLANS - the bed
7: PLANS - the bunk ends
8: PLANS - the ladder

9:   Making the bed - base and ends
10: Making the bed - ends and side guardrail
11: Making the bunk ends and ladder  you are on this page
12: Assembling the bunk and adding the ladder
13: Finishing - nut guards and screw caps
14: Safety guidelines - must read
15: Safety guidelines continued - must read
16: User Photos/Comments
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Step 5: Cut the pieces

Cut all the pieces for the two bunk ends and the ladder according to the measurements given in the cutting list on page 5.

Always cut the longest pieces first and then cut the shorter pieces out of the off-cuts.

The four bunk corner posts (h), the bunk guardrail (p) and the two ladder sides (m) will each need to have one of their corners rounded as shown in the plan drawings in pages 7 and 8.
Use a jig-saw, fret saw or similar tool.

Step 6: Make the two bunk ends

making the bunk bed corner post

how to make the bunk bed joiners Lay the bunk corner posts (h) on edge on a couple of sawhorses.

Place the bunk end rails (j) on top of the bunk corner posts, position them and then glue and screw in place.
Refer to the drawing above for placement.

Use two screws at each end of each rail (j).
Pre-drill the screw holes through the rails (j).

Note 1: Ensure that the rails (j) are at right angles (square) to the corner posts (h).
Note 2: Ensure that the distance in between the corner posts (h) is the same as the overall width of the bed including the legs.

Step 7: Make the ladder

how to make a ladder for bunk beds Make the ladder up on a flat surface or on a couple of sawhorses.

Refer to the ladder plan on page 8 for dimensions.

Glue and screw all joins.

Use four screws at each join and pre-drill the screw holes through the rungs (n), (o) and through the bunk guardrail (p).

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