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How to build kids' bunk beds

Step 10. Nut guards and screw caps

bunk bed nut guards and screw caps

Make some nut guards. In this context a nut guard is basically a small piece of plywood or MDF board, made to surround a nut and thus help prevent possible injury to a kid who scrapes against a nut or bolt protruding from a bunk rail.

Cut a few pieces of 5/16" (9 mm) thick MDF board or plywood, about 2¼" (55 mm) square.

Stack the pieces on top of one another and lock between pieces of wood held by clamps. (See picture.)
This enables the pieces to be held firmly in place while being drilled.

Drill the center hole 1" (25 mm) diameter and make the four screw holes near the corners ⅛" (3 mm) or screw shank size.

Fix (glue and screw) the nut guards around every bolt that could cause injury to skin if scraped against.

Next pop screw caps over the screw heads.

Finally, sand any sharp corners or edges, see who you can find in the family to help with the painting and have a look at 'a few bunk bed safety guidelines' on the next page.


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