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How to build kids' bunk beds

A few bunk bed safety guidelines

There are a lot of safety concerns when it comes to bunk beds, brought about by the number of accidents that do happen with them.

Bunk beds are a very good space-saving option and although they can be safe, a few safety guidelines need to be adhered to. Remember, it is the high number of bunk bed accidents that makes reading and understanding these guidelines so important.

Below are some basic guidelines.

Note: These are just a few of the Recommend  ed guidelines for bunk beds.
Below are excerpts and some of the main points taken from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ( ) and Consumer Affairs Victoria Aust. (

Check to see if your country has recommended specifications other than those mentioned below.

• Bunk beds need to be built to a certain criteria. See more about that on the next page.

• Kids under the age of six should not use the top bunk.

• Strict rules should be dished out by the parents or guardians, i.e. kids should be made aware that bunk beds are not for playing on and that the ladder is the only way up and down. Kids can tend to use bunks as a play area and too often climb up side rails and anything but the ladder. Ensure that the person who is using the top bunk can easily and comfortably climb up and down the ladder.
Teach children the correct way to get in and out of bunk beds.
Bunk beds are not intended for play. Establish rules and ensure they are obeyed.

• Keep the floor area near the bunk beds clear of any toys and sharp objects which may cause serious injury if a child falls on them. There should be no obstacles with any sharp edges, including furniture and toys nearby in case of accidental falls.

• Have a soft area around the bunks, i.e. carpet, mats etc.

• Ensure that the mattress fits snugly into the mattress area.

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If you have any concerns whatsoever, consider two individual beds instead. This bunk bed set can easily be converted to twin beds.

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