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How to build a dollhouse   (Ft & inch version)
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


Note: this is the standard (ft and inch) version.   For the metric version click here

Step 9. Fixing the vertical side strips the side pieces fixed to the doll's house side walls

Fix a length of ¾" x ¾" wood (with glue and nails) vertically up the front end of both side walls.
Off-set the bottom of the vertical side strips ½" (the thickness of the floor board) up from the bottom.

The vertical side strips are there to give added support to the hinges.

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Step 10. Assembling the walls, floors, and doors

To assemble the walls and floors refer to the plan below for measurements, and the sequence of pictures for the order of assembly. Use glue along all the joins and use small nails where needed.

doll's house plans
parts for the doll's house
doll's house party assembled