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How to build a dollhouse   (Ft & inch version)
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


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E Stevens Stevens doolhouse
Here a some pictures of my finished doll house. As you can see I added some shutters to the windows. I want to give you some feedback of my experience doing this build.
1. When I had finished the build, the roof did not fit...   more »>>

Gene Stevens
On page 8 of the purchased plans it states to cut both pieces 1a and 1b to an overall length of 29 inches. I think this length should be 26 inches to correspond with the 26 inches used to cut the long side of the eave soffit on page 7. After I got all of the roof pieces cut out I started to put it together and saw that pieces 1a and 1b were too long. Assuming I am correct and 1a and 1b should be 26 inches then my next question is, does the 14 3/4 measurement at the top of 1a and 1b have to be shortend by the same amount or does it stay the same? I am enjoying this project and will be able to not make silly mistakes when I build my second one as soon as I finish this one. I certainly am learning how to cut the 35 and 45 degree angles. The secret when using a skill saw is to always be able to see where the blade is cutting and not rely on the guide on the saw.

Buildeazy reply:
Thank you for pointing that out. There was a measurement error in Step 1. The long side of the eave soffit in Step 1 should be 29 inches (not 26 inches).
It has now been rectified.
Les Kenny

Please submit your comment/photo via the Contact Us page.

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