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How to build a dollhouse   (Metric version)
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


Note: this is the metric version.   For the standard (ft and inch) version click here


Description Allie opening the dolls house doors

This dollhouse has five rooms including the hall. It has a spiral staircase running from the lounge room into the hall on the top floor.
The unit is wide and narrow and is covered with a 45° hip roof that can be removed. The roof has a dormer in front, also with a 45° pitch.
Two opening doors span the front of the building. The full-size doors and the lift-off roof make the dollhouse easy to access and use.

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Part identification

doll's house parts identification
[1a] Back roof
[1b] Front roof
[2] Side roof
[3] Dormer roof
[3b] Dormer front wall
[4] Back wall
[5] Side wall
[6] Bottom floor
[7] Top floor
[8] Lower internal wall
[9] Upper internal wall
[10] Door (front wall)
[11] Eave soffit
[12] Frieze board
[13] Front wall beam
[14] Side vertical strip
[15] Hinge
16] Staircase pole
[17] Step