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Making a concrete
Post Cap
a concrete post cap
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arrow Page one: Making the formwork profile
bullet Page two: Making the form (mold)
bullet Page three: Preparing the form - Making & pouring the concrete
bullet Page four: Making the mortar and placing the cap
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This project is from the House and Property Makeover series.
how to make a concrete post cap Introduction

When the concrete gate posts were first made we didn't give too much thought as to what sort of cap would adorn the tops.
Then, while on a Sunday drive, we spotted a post with a suitable cap and took a photo: that's it to the left. The challenge was to make something similar!

This is how we made our concrete caps.

Making the formwork

Formwork for the mold had to be made to give the desired profile (shape) to the concrete cap.

The profile (shape) was achieved by putting together an assortment of various profiled woods.

The profile of the mold was not going to be exactly the same as the cap that was being copied because the mold was subject to the profiles of wood that could be sourced locally.

The formwork was made up in one continuous length about 2400mm (8ft) long, using a compilation of various profiled woods.
The length was then cut into smaller segments to make the mold.

The wood used was...

Piece [a]: 140mm x 35mm (5 1/2"x 1 3/8") stock.
One of the corners were rounded (fig.4) using a plane and sand paper.

Piece [b]: 90mm (3 1/2") wide decorative cornice trim

Piece [c]: 90mm x 45mm (3 1/2"x 1 1/2") stock with one side cut on an angle

Piece [d]: 50mm x 25mm (1"x 2") stock

Piece [e]: 90mm x 70mm (2 1/2"x 3 1/2") stock with one side cut on an angle

Assembling the formwork pieces

The pieces were then glued, temporarily nailed and clamped together (fig.1).

The nails were only used to help hold everything together until the glue dried.

shaping the wood form o make the mold for the concrete post
the wood pieces glued together to make the concrete form profile

form profile for a concrete post cap

the wood pieces needed to make a mold for a concrete post cap

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