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Build an Adirondack chair   By Les Kenny

[Table of contents are below]

Step 3. Prepare to assemble

A bit more marking and it's ready to assemble

You will need to draw a line on the inside of both side pieces. The line will mark the position of the front of the rear spreader.

Remember in 'Step 2.2.1', You marked point [G] on the side pieces?

You will need to draw a line from those points down, 10° off square, on the inside of each side pieces.
As shown the drawing below.

Take note, that the two pieces to be marked must be a mirror image of one another.
Just follow the drawing below.

Adirondack chair side pieces marked

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Step 4. Make up the base unit

4.1. The base unit (side pieces and spreaders)

Lay the two side pieces on edge, apart, and parallel. Fit the two spreaders between them, in position (see 'spreader positions' below), and hold with clamps.

adirondack chair side pieces clamped to the spreaders adirondack chair base clamped

adirondack chair spreaders positioned

The bottom of the front spreader will be flush with the bottom of the side pieces, and to the front as far as possible without protruding.
The front edge of the rear spreader will align to the 10° mark (refer step 3.) and to the top as far as possible without protruding.
Then screw the side pieces to the spreaders with two screws at each meeting. Use at least 1-3/4" long screws and drill the screw holes through the side pieces first the same thickness as the screw.

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