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Build an Adirondack chair   By Les Kenny

[Table of contents are below]

Step 6. Add the legs, props, and corbels

6.1. Add the legs

From the front of the two side pieces, measure 9-1/2" along the bottom and make a mark. Call it point 'L'. Refer to the drawing below.
Then draw a line up from point L, 15 degrees off square.
You can use a protractor to get the angle. Refer to the drawing for a visual reference.

legs added to an adirondack chair

Glue and clamp the legs to the side pieces.
Make sure that the back edge of each leg is on the drawn line.
The leg should run 5-1/2" below the bottom of the side piece from 'point L'.
Then fix each leg to its respective side with five screws.

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6.2. Add the props

A prop is the same height as a leg. It is a temporary piece clamped to the rear of a side piece.

Its purpose is to hold the arm/middle rail configuration up in position until such time as the back boards are fixed in place.

prop for adirondack chair
Clamp the prop to the side piece parallel to the leg.
The back edge of the prop and the back edge of the leg should be 14" apart.

Refer to the drawing above.

6.3. Add the corbels

adirondack chair corbel and leg

Draw a center line 8" down the face of the leg.
Also mark the center on the top edge of the leg and the center of the width on the top end of the corbel.
Do just as is shown in the drawing.

On the center line of the leg, Mark three points down, 2" apart. The first will be 2" down from the top.

Drill screw holes through those three points. The drill size should be the same thickness as the screw shank.

adirondack chair corbel and leg Put some glue on the long edge of the corbel and clamp it to the leg. Ensure the center marks on top of the corbel and the leg line up and the tops of the corbel and leg are flush.

Fix it with screws.

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