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Build an Adirondack chair   By Les Kenny

[Table of contents are below]

Step 7. Add the arms and middle rail

7.1. Fix the middle rail to the arms

The instructions are below the drawings.

middle rail and arms for the adirondack chair

Lay the two arms on a flat surface parallel with the middle rail sitting on top of the arms as shown in Fig.1 above.

Ensure that the corner edges of the arms and middle rail are flush, the arms look parallel, and the arms look square (at right angles) to the middle rail, and then put one screw in each corner as shown in Fig.1 above.

The reason for only one screw each side at this stage is so that the arms/middle rail are able to be skewed if an adjustment needs to be made when checking that all is square and the arms are parallel. Any more than one screw each side will not allow skew movement.

As in Fig.2 above, check with a set square that an arm and the middle rail are square (at right angles) and also check that the two arms are parallel.
Having done so, add another three screws to each side and that will lock everything in place.

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7.2. Add the arms and middle rail to the mix

middle rail and arms fixed to the adirondack chair

At this stage this base unit has the legs (with corbels) fixed to it (fig.3).
The props are also attached to the base unit with clamps, as they are only temporary and just there to hold up the arms until the back boards are fixed in place.
Sit the arm and middle rail configuration temporarily on top of the legs and props for marking (fig.4).
Overlap the legs 50mm at the front and equal each side.
Trace around the leg and corbel on the underside of the arm. See the photo below.

fitting the arm on the adirondack chair

Take the arm-middle rail configuration off, turn it upside down on a flat surface and drill screw holes through the arms as shown in the drawing.

adirondack chair arm drilled

Put some glue on top of the legs and corbels.
Put the arm and middle rail configuration on top of the legs and props again and screw in place .

adirondack chair arm screwed

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