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Build an Adirondack chair   By Les Kenny

[Table of contents are below]

8. Add the back boards

Tilt the chair back

adirondack chair backslats being fitted
Use a bucket, a container, or anything that is slightly more than 12" high, to use as a support for the chair.
Tilt the chair back and rest the middle rail on the support.
This makes it easy to fix the back boards to the rails.
Apply some glue to the rails and then lay the back boards on the rails beginning with the two center boards and screw them in place. Run the bottom of the back boards just slightly below the bottom rail. Look at the image above for screw placement.

backboards screwed to an adirondack chair

The chair thus far

When the back boards are fixed to the rails, you can take the props off and stand the chair upright.

adirondack chair before the seat slats

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