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Julie's build Instructions Plans

Build an Adirondack chair   By Les Kenny

[Table of contents are below]

9. Prepare and add the seat slats

The seat slats should be spaced apart a minimum of 1/4".
A way to keep the gap (between the slats) uniform is to first make up the slat configuration on a flat surface prior to placing it in position on the seat.
This can be done as shown in the following steps.

adirondack chair seat slats spaced

[a]   Place 15 seat slats in line against a straight edge.
Place two 1/4" spacers between each slat, one each side. The spacers can be cut out of any 1/4" board or sheet.
Ensure that the overall configuration is square and parallel.
Place a weight each end to hold the slats in place.

seat slats for the adirondack chair

adirondack chair seat slates taped

[b]   With weights at each end to hold it in place, as shown in the picture, run duct tape (or similar) along each side. Let the tape run past and then trim the ends flush with a craft knife.
You will want a tape that is strong, adheres well to wood, doesn't stretch, and will peel off without tearing.
Press the tape hard to the slats to ensure good holding.   [c] Remove the spacers.

adirondack chair seat slats prepared

adirondack chair with glue on the side pieces

[d]   Apply a thick bead of glue along the top edge of the side pieces.

adirondack chair seat slats in place

[e]   Pick up the seat slat configuration and place it on top of the side pieces.
Important! Make the bottom of the first slat flush with the bottom of the side pieces.
When spread out, the slat configuration will automatically be in the right place and all the gaps will be uniform.

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Screw the seat slats

adirondack seat slats screwed

When the seat slates are placed, commence screwing them.
One screw each side of each slat.
Screw through the slat into the side piece. Pre-drill the screw hole through the slat first but do not drill any further than the thickness of the slat. That means, don't drill into the side piece.
Start with the first front seat slat and continue one by one until all done.

seat slats screwed to the adirondack chair

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