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Julie's build Instructions Plans

Build an Adirondack chair   By Les Kenny

[Table of contents are below]

Step 1. Cut the Adirondack chair pieces

Cut all the pieces to the lengths given below

Out of 2x3 stock:   cut 2 pieces @ 20-1/2" for the spreaders.

Out of 1x6 stock:
cut 2 pieces 38-1/2" long for the side pieces
cut 4 pieces @ 37-1/2" long for the back boards
cut 5 pieces @ 22-1/4" long for the seat slats, then out of that rip (cut lengthwise) 18 pieces 1-1/4" wide
cut 2 pieces @ 29-3/8" long for the arms
cut 1 piece @ 28" long for the middle rail
cut 4 pieces @ 22-1/4" long for the 2 legs and the 2 temporary props
cut 1 piece @ 17" long for the bottom rail
cut 2 pieces @ 8" long for the arm corbels

Does your stack of cut pieces look a bit like this? 'cause it should.
cut wood pieces for an Adirondack chair

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