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Julie's build Instructions Plans

Build an Adirondack chair   By Les Kenny

[Table of contents are below]

Now the curve that shapes the seat

Refer to the figures below the instructions.

fig.1 Draw lines down from points [H] and [I] at right angles (square) to the top edge.
fig.2 Clamp a couple of blocks against the lines, flush with the top of the side piece.
fig.3 Hold a bendy strip of wood (or anything that can bend evenly) against the top of the blocks and force it down in the middle 1". Draw a pencil line along the bottom of the bendy strip, marking the curve.
fig.4 Take off the clamps and the blocks, and one side piece is all marked and ready for cutting.

adirondack chair seat curve marking
Note: There are photos on the next page showing how to mark the curve using a bendy object.

adirondack chair seat curve marking 2
You can cut the side piece using a power saw or hand saw, and a jig-saw.
Once cut, use that side piece as a pattern to mark the other side piece.

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