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Julie's build Instructions Plans

Build an Adirondack chair   By Les Kenny

[Table of contents are below]

2.2. The Middle rail

The middle rail is shaped out of a piece of 1x6, 28" long.
Measure and mark the cutting line according to the plan drawing below.

plan for the Adirondack chair middle rail standard

Secure the piece to your work surface by way of clamp or other.
Ensure the part to be cut off is overhanging the work surface or is clear of anything that could obstruct the cutting blade.
Set the blade on the jig-saw to 25° off square. See the drawing below.

jig-saw with blade set to angle

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How to get the blade angle

If there are no angle markings on your jig-saw, you can set the required blade angle as follows:
Using a protractor, mark the angle on the side of a block of wood, and then hold the blade to the mark and adjust it accordingly.

bevel and protractor

Once the angle has been set on the jig-saw, hold the saw firmly with the base plate squarely on the piece to be cut, ensure you are on good footing and comfortable, then cut along the line.

adirondack chair middle rail being cut

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