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How to make kid's bunks

bunk beds
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How to make kid's bunk beds

Page Contents
1: Introduction
2: Identifying the parts
3: About measurements, bunk size, mattress
4: Materials, Cutting list for the beds
5: Materials, Cutting list for the bunk ends
6: PLANS - the bed
7: PLANS - the bunk ends
8: PLANS - the ladder

9:   Making the bed - base and ends
10: Making the bed - ends and side guardrail  you are on this page
11: Making the bunk ends and ladder
12: Assembling the bunk and adding the ladder
13: Finishing - nut guards and screw caps
14: Safety guidelines - must read
15: Safety guidelines continued - must read
16: User Photos/Comments
•   See the VIDEO at YouTube

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how to fit the bed ends to the bed base Step 3: Fit the bed ends

Lay the bed base on its side, on top of a couple of sawhorses.

The two bed ends should fit snugly into place, one at each end of the bed base.

Add a bit of glue and slip the legs (e) of the bed ends over the side rails (a) of the bed base.

Butt the ends of the side rails (a) up tight to the end rails (c) and then screw through the insides of the side rails (drill first) into the legs.

Step 4: Add the side guardrail

Now just a matter of adding the side guardrail (b) to the back of the bed.

Fasten the side guardrail (b) to the top part of the legs (e) in line with the end guardrails (d).

Use four screws at each end of the side guardrail.
Pre-drill the screw holes through the side guardrail.

Sand any sharp corners and paint.

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