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How to build a one-piece
folding picnic table out of 2x4 lumber

Appendix 1: Changing stock size and/or table length

It is possible to use a different stock size (thickness) and/or change the length of the folding picnic table.

Using a different stock size (thickness only)

If you want to use a wood that is slightly thicker or thinner that the wood size used in this article, you must adjust the length of the four bolts to suit as well as apply the formula (see below) to the seat boards and the tabletop boards (in relation to one another).

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Changing the table length

You can change the length of the table simply by changing the length of the seat boards and tabletop boards.
The same amount must be added (or subtracted) to the back seat boards, the front seat boards, and the tabletop boards.
If you use a thicker or thinner wood as well, then you must apply the formula.

The formula

The difference in length between the shorter and longer seat boards is the sum of the thickness of four side framing members plus 1/4" (6mm). The later measurement is to allow for a little bit of play.
For example, if the side frame members are 1-1/2" (38mm) thick, four times that plus 1/4" (6mm) equals 6-1/4" (158mm).
Therefore 6-1/4" (158mm) will be the difference between the length of the front and rear seats boards.

The difference in length between the tabletop boards and the longer seat boards is the sum of the thickness of two side frame members plus 3" (76mm) for the overhang (shared equal each end).
For example, if the side framing members are 1-1/2" (38mm) thick, two times that is 3" (76mm), and plus the 3" (76mm) overhang = 6" (152mm).
Therefore, In that case the table boards will be 6" (152mm) longer than the longer seat boards.

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