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How to build a one-piece
folding picnic table out of 2x4 lumber

Appendix 2: The backrest clip-on

A backrest clip-on if you want to make the backrest a bit higher for comfort or looks.

Allie and holly placing the clip-on onto the seat backrest

You will need:
• 1 piece of 2x6 (50mm x 150mm) that is 60" (1524mm) long.
• 4 pieces of 2x4 (50mm x 100mm) that are 10" (254mm) long.
• A dozen 3" (75mm) screws and a bit of glue.

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Make the clip-on up according to the following plans and pop it on top of the backrest when the picnic table is in bench seat mode.

clip-on plans

photo of the clip-on for the seat back

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