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2' x 4' Coffee Table Project

coffee table
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How to build a 1200mm x 600mm (2ft x 4ft) Coffee Table
Page Contents
1: Introduction, the plans and cutting list
2: Measurements, wood, and wood sizes
3: Fixing the top rails and corner supports you are on this page
4: Preparing and fixing the legs
5: User Photos/Comments

The Instructions

Step 1. Cut the members

Cut all the members (pieces of wood) to the measurements given in the 'plans' and 'cutting list' on page one..

Step 2. Fix the top rails to the table top

Place the table top (c) upside down on an even floor, saw stools or workbench. Position the top rails (b) on the underside of the table top so that they are touching at each corner and also centered on the table top, as shown in the diagram.

coffee table upside down

coffee table construction Next, lay the 4 fillets (e) in place against the top rails (b) and the underside of the table top (c).

Screw through the fillets (e) into the table top (c) and then screw through the fillets (e) into the top rails (b). Sometimes it might be easier to pre-drill the screw holes through the fillets.

Step 3. Fix the corner supports to the top rails

coffee table corner support Lay the 4 corner supports (d) in place in the corners against the top rails (b) and fasten with screws; four to each corner.
coffee table corner piece