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2' x 4' Coffee Table Project

coffee table
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How to build a 1200mm x 600mm (2ft x 4ft) Coffee Table
Page Contents
1: Introduction, the plans and cutting list
2: Measurements, wood, and wood sizes
3: Fixing the top rails and corner supports
4: Preparing and fixing the legs
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User Photos/Comments

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User Photos/Comments about this project

This is a really great plan. I managed to recycle all the required wood from past projects-gone-bad and the salvage bin from my local lumber yard. Took a little extra work with an orbital sander but well worth the effort. Total cost came to about $20 over the course of about two weeks to complete, but this could be done in a few evenings or easily in a weekend provided you don't have to travel back to the store.
Pay special attention when drilling holes for the bolts. A mistake here can make the table go wonky in spite of the painstakingly accurate measurements taken at the start.
Take your time, measure carefully, don't be afraid to go back to the store to get the proper tools and you'll be pleased with the result when it's sitting in your living room. Vast improvement over the usual IKEA swag...
Sean, British Columbia, Canada black line
I needed a coffee table so that my wife and I could have dinner while watching our favorite show, without craning our necks over the cats.
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Thank you very much from sunny MacKay in Queensland Australia for the easy to read and easy to follow plans, as a novice woodworker I need all the help I can get.
regards Steve black line
Well I think it was a great project for the weekend. I enjoyed it a lot, it is now standing in my living room. I used Tasmanian oak for the table top, iron bark for the top rails, fillets and corner supports. It came up tremendous with the colour contrasts and a "Cabots" polyurethane clear finish.
Regards Phil and Jarryd