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folding picnic table to bench seat
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How to make a

Folding Bench and Picnic Table Combo

There is now an updated version of this project, which can be seen at

NOTE: This article contains the instructions (on how to make the folding bench) and materials list only.

These instructions are part of the full downloadable plan-set that can be purchased here for only $5. These instructions are to give an insight into what is involved in the making of the 'Folding Bench come Picnic Table' before purchasing the full plan-set.

The full plan-set is in PDF downloadable file and contains detailed plans and drawings and dimensions of every piece of wood that is required.
These instructions are only part of that plan-set. The plan drawings and the Plans section are only in the downloadable plan-set.


folding picnic table in seat position folding picnic table being folded back to table folding picnic table in table position

This picnic table folds down to a bench seat.
It can be either a 2 1/2 seater bench seat (2 adult and a kid), or a 5 seater picnic table.

NOTE: The plans are in both metric and imperial. All measurements not in brackets are millimetres. ( All measurements in brackets are inches )

The front seat spans 1380mm (54-3/8"), the rear seat spans 1245mm (49"), and the tabletop spans 1480mm (58-1/4").

Note: There is another more compact version of this folding table, which can be seen here

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