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k2 red telephone box
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How I made my K2 Telephone Box
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


shovelling the hypertufa into the head form Step 1.4. continued

Placing the hypertufa

How thick? - At least 1½" (40mm) thick.

By the way, the girl in the photos is one of my daughters, Angela, who enjoyed giving a helping hand from time to time.

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spreading hypertufa over the form We (she) commenced shovelling the hypertufa into the head form, and spread it around with a gloved hand.

At this stage it was just half filled - a layer about 1" (25mm) thick.

adding reinforcing bird wire to the hypertufa Angela placed sheets of galvanized bird wire mesh on top of the (half filled) hypertufa.

The sheets of bird wire were cut to about 12" (300mm) squares and slightly overlapped. If we'd used a full sized sheet it would have been too hard to achieve the dome shape.

holding down the reinforcing wire in the hypertufa Then a few hypertufa patties were placed on the bird wire to hold it down.

Notice in the photo that Angela is wearing good waterproof gloves. These are a must when working with cement-based applications due to the caustic nature of the beast (the cement, not Angela).

smoothing over the hypertufa in the mold Then it was just a matter of topping up with hypertufa and smoothing it over with a gloved hand.
I realized then that the hypertufa finish would not be good enough as a final finish for the head. I was thinking that after an initial curing period I would add a skim coat of slurry - icing on the cake.