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k2 red telephone box
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How I made my K2 Telephone Box
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


Wood I purchased for the body frame
1½" x 3½" (90mm x 45mm): 10 pieces @ 80" (2m)
1" (25mm( 1/4 round: 4 @ 80" (2m) and 4 @ 40" (1m).
11/16" (18mm) plywood: 1 piece @ 36 1/4" (906mm) square, and 1 piece @ 34 1/4" x 79" (856mm x 1975mm)

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Step 2.1. Shaping the frame members
The frame pieces for the telephone box body were made out of 2" x 4" (100mm x 50mm) wood.
The actual or true size of the above mentioned wood was really 1½" x 3½" (90mm x 45mm) because it was dressed (smoothed, planed, surfaced).
However, the frame pieces had to be shaped to incorporate a decorative 'corrugated' bit. In short, they had to be shaped as shown in the drawings below - the before and after drawings.

frame pieces for the telephone box before being shaped frame pieces for the telephone box after being shaped

marking the telephone box frames for cutting the grooves Out of 2" x 4" (100mm x 50mm) lumber we shaped frame pieces using a circular power saw, an electric hand planer, and sand paper.
First we marked where to cut the grooves on all of the frame pieces.
We marked and grooved 10 pieces of 1½" x 3½" (90mm x 45mm) lumber @ 80" (2m) long.

The groove cutting measurements:
There were 4 cuts (grooves). They were 1/8" (3mm) wide and 1/4" (6mm) deep.

cutting the grooves in the telephone box framing From the edge inwards, the markings were 3/8" (10mm), 1/8" (3mm), 3/8" (10mm), 1/8" (3mm), 3/8" (10mm), 1/8" (3mm), 3/8" (10mm), and 1/8" (3mm) - with the 1/8" (3mm) mark being the cut.

cutting measurements for the telephone booth framing