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k2 red telephone box
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How I made my K2 Telephone Box
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


Chapter 3: The Neck and the Sign

telephone box neck Overview of the Neck

The neck houses the telephone sign.

The neck is what distinguishes the K2 telephone kiosk from the other kiosks as it is the only model with anything that really resembles a neck.

Most of the other models tend to have the head sitting directly on the body with the sign imbedded somewhere in the head.

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The head was a relatively simple part of the phone box to make.
It was basically a box unit that consisted of four frame type side-walls. Each side-wall was made up of top and bottom rails (horizontal members) and corner posts (vertical members).
In between the rails and posts were aluminum angle frames that housed the telephone signs.

The rails of the unit were made out of ¾" (18mm) thick wood which is a common size. The four corner posts were 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" (62mm x 62mm). That was a bit harder to source, however it was only a little amount required so was easily made out of a bigger size wood.

K2 telephone box neck and sign The telephone sign

red telephone box sign

The telephone signs (four of them) sat in the aluminum angle frame.

What were the signs made of?

Mine were acrylic plastic with the backs frosted (opaque) and 'telephone' printed on the front.

At night I wanted inside light to shine through the acrylic thus highlighting the 'telephone' print.

There are other options for the sign and I give all the details later on.