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k2 red telephone box
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How I made my K2 Telephone Box
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson


Chapter 1: The Head

Overview of the head cross-section of the top of a red telephone box

The head was the most involved (and probably the most exciting) section of the project. It touched on four crafts: woodworking, lightweight concreting, fiberglassing, and painting.

The head was made up of the following (in the order of making):
● The side-frames, out of 2" (50mm) thick wood.
● The inner support structure.

The inner support structure comprised the cross-section and diagonal-section pieces that were used to support the roof until the different applications (hypertufa, slurry) cured or set.
Most of this was then be removed.
The inner support structure from a looking down point of view was sort of like an eight-spoked asterisk ✳ .

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● A layer of hypertufa (lightweight concrete) about 1¾" (45mm) thick.
● A thin skim of slurry (a paste-like mixture of cement and water).
● The side-covers, out of 3/16" (4mm) plywood.
● A thin cover (roof only) of fiberglass.

Getting started

The first thing that I did after looking at a trillion photos, was to play around with design on paper.
I eventually came up with my final working drawings. My plans.

All of the plans can be accessed from the 'Table of Contents' page, but some will also be shown and referred to at appropriate stages throughout the course of these instructions.