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k2 red telephone box
How I made my K2 Telephone Box
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson

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K2 red telephone for a wedding from Tim Pyke
Hello Les,
Thanks for all the inspiring stuff on your website - too many projects for the future!
I'm a brit who's been in Melbourne a couple of years and has now married an Aussie. To add a touch of Britishness to a very Aussie, country wedding... my friend Mark - a fellow Pom - and I took on the challenge of the K2 Phone Box, with the intention of making it a photo booth at the wedding.
Plenty of challenges on the way, often as a result of only being able to purchase wood in standard aussie metric dimensions, and then adjust everything accordingly. Others caused by our complete lack of wood-working experience.
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K2 red telephone at dawn from Pete steers
As promised from Pete steers. Kereru road. Hastings. Hawkes bay. New Zealand.
Cheers. What a great Idea. Tardis next?
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from Ideas
I would like to comment on this quality content. I can see you have done a lot of homework and given this topic much thought.

from Leonardo
It's incredible, is so beauty! With patient y will do it, thanks for all, without this pages I can't think to do it, thank you again. Leo.

from Dave
Excellent! A fabulous project, well executed and very well explained here. I particularly liked the use of hypertufa in the roof construction. The attention to details is inspirational. I've really enjoyed reading how you made this. Thanks!

red telephone box frame insides of a red telephone box made by Yvonne from Yvonne Steers
New Zealand. Hawkes bay. May 2013 and finally finished the K2 phone box. Sprayed all surfaces and obtained a 1950s Bakelite phone, working, and had a phone box party. Came out well in the end.
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from Edith
It would be awesome if you would build the Dr. Who Tardis! It would probably be similar to your red telephone box. If you could do the plans to build one step by step, that would be so cool. The Tardis would be a popular DIY plan to build.
I hope you would consider it!
Reply from Les
The TARDIS is under consideration now.

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