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k2 red telephone box
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How I made my K2 Telephone Box
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson

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red telephone box in a bar insides of a red telephone box made by JR from John R
Thank you for your inspiration
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from John R - in response to Billie Sims
Billie Sims asked about the BS-539. I never was able to find the mix numbers for British Standard 539. I did make a copy of the color, took it to Home Depot and matched it with Benjamin Moore 2002-Vermillion Deep base with primer.
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red telephone box made by JR from John R
I have completed my phone box project. Well not really, I am enhancing the interior with some 40's- 50's period signs, an AB box, and a phone.
I truly enjoyed this project, it pushed my skills at times and that was a good thing as I learned a lot.
I have attached some photo's for you to look at. Thanks Again
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from Albert, Kentucky
Nice! I want one.

from Billie Sims
I would like to give you much praise. Y did a beautiful job and created a masterpiece.
I am building one also. Mine is more like the k6 and will be only 7 feet tall. It will be inside my home and will serve as a elevator car traveling only one story.
I cannot find a paint dealer that can provide the color BS 539. Any ideas of where to get it? Again-- Congrats on a great example of a Telephone kiosk.
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