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k2 red telephone box
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How I made my K2 Telephone Box
Author: Les Kenny; Editor: Maree Anderson

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from Ron - Oregon, USA
I looked over the web site but was not able to find an answer to this question. I would like to know what the final, approximate, total weight is using your plans and suggested materials. Thanks in advance All the best,
Reply from Les
Hi Ron Actually, I have no idea. Two of us could lift the head up and on and that was the heaviest part so if I had to make a rough guess I would say all up around 200kg (440lb). At the time of writing this I am out of the country but when I get back in a few weeks I will try and weigh it.

from Pete Steers
Hope a Tardis project gets under way Les. Could be much the same as the red phone box I guess.
Reply from Les
I do intent to make a Tardis, bur wont be for a while. Maybe towards the end of the year.

from Alan
Hi, i see you have used cedar in the doors. wondering what type of timber you used in the rest of the phone booth. regards alan7.
Reply from Les
I used treated pine for the rest of the phone booth apart from the head-side covers which were marine grade plywood.

from Ralph
A very good likeness, very well done.
The only thing that I could say is that as far as I can remember, the glass was held in the frames by I think brass rivets. The door closure was a pressure one and not a chain. Apart from that well done.

from Kelly
Congratulations! A beautiful job.
I'd like you to create plans for a T.A.R.D.I.S. lol

top of telephone box made by Pete Steers from Pete Steers
What a great challenge. Just got started. One section at a time makes the wallet and wife happier. Based in New Zealand wood is SO!dear to buy. Got my dome complete and the neck. Onto the frame now while the dome finishes drying. I wonder what the average amount of hours these take to build?
Reply from Les
It does take a long time to make and it will keep your wallet empty, but it will be well worth it. Everyone who has seen the one I made has commented on it and wanted one for themselves, more so than any other project I have done.

top of telephone box made by John from John
I am sending recent pic's of my phone box project.
I needed to make some adjustments due to the fact that mine will be indoors and I must do the building in my workshop and assembly in the room where my bar is.
All is going fairly well no major issues. The head is as you planned except I made the dome from 1/8 bendable plywood and am working the seams with Bondo.
I have made the frame, back panel and floor piece but will do the painting in the shop. I do not have a "death wish" for paint spillage on the carpet.
See more photos from John here

Tardis micro-flash-drive from Jeenn
Nice work and documentation. Thanks! Now I build a micro-flash-drive with the use of your ideas.
And what about your next step? What about TARDIS?
This is my micro TARDIS

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