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Kid's DIY Section
young wood workers
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Welcome to Buildeazy.com DIY for kids
This site contains step-by-step building projects specially designed for kids. Exciting building projects, using real plans and real tools!
Learn how to build something with your own two hands. Projects that can be used for years to come! Most importantly - work safe and have fun!

safety earmuffs Your age and ability will determine to what extent you can participate in the various projects within this website. ALL projects should be undertaken with the supervision or help of a capable adult. We also recommend that any power tools be used by an adult.
If you don't know how to use a tool properly, ask someone for help. This isn't just for safety; using tools properly can also make the work easier and give much more professional-looking results.
Please read all safety tips before starting any DIY building project. enter >>>

note: These plans are for a kid's fort. It does however, require an experienced adult DIYer to build the fort. A kid may help.
kids play cabin
from the shop page
Purchase the plans and build it yourself.
Detailed downloadable plans for the DIYer, with a choice of plans in either standard dimensions ( ins ) or metric dimensions ( mm ). These plans have easy step by step instructions.
This is one of the items in the shop section.
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  DIY projects
This is where you can find step-by-step plans for DIY building projects, links to projects from other websites and also games.
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your stuff
This is where you can send in pictures of what you built, or check out what others have made! You can also read or send in comments or queries relating to buildeazy.com DIY for kids' projects or articles.
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helpful stuff
This is where you can find helpful stuff such as building tips and ideas, informative stuff like toxicity in treated timber, recommended safety precautions and lots more.
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This is where you can check out and buy buildeazy.com DIY for kids products such as kids books and more.
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book stuff
This is where you can find support stuff if needed and other information from and about the buildeazy's DIY for Kids books.
kids diy book kids project book
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