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Photos and Comments regarding the coffee table project.

coffee table 1
coffee table 2

Another successful build. I downloaded your coffee table plans and then began to make adjustments for the lumber available in Corpus Christi. For example:
Top: 48 in x 20 in x 3/4 in.
Side Rails: 3.5 in x 3/4 in
Legs: 15 3/8 in x 1.5 in x 1.5 in.
Carriage Bolts 6 in x 1/4 in.
Since my tool choice is very limited and most cuts are made with hand saws I needed to purchace wood that was at least cut on one end. I made amends for off-square cuts with wood filler and it works fine. Notice in the pictures that my braces are slightly different than yours but they work fine. My carriage bolt is smaller than recommended but this table is really sturdy. Instead of shaving the legs to accept the bolts I took the chance to drill at the arris . With luck and a steady hand and a slight tap with a hammer it worked fine. The legs I purchased were a little short but I made up for that with the cushions on the bottom. I used glue only on the legs as I attached them to the top and the side panels. Total cost about $50 US. Not including staining (which begins today) it took me a total of about one day. I could cut that time in half now that I know what to do.
Anyway, many thanks for the plans. I hope to see more kid-oriented projects on your web site. I am trying to introduce my grandkids and their friends to tools and how to use them safely. And they have something to show off when a project is finished.
Thanks again.
Jake Jacobi Corpus Christi, Texas USA