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Red Telephone Box

English red phonebox
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The making of a Red Telephone Box

By Les Kenny

Page Contents

Page 1: Introduction  you are on this page
Page 2: Thinking about my plan
Page 3: The head - getting started
Page 4: Creating the dome
Page 5: Finishing the head
Page 6: Dimensions and order of making
Page 7: Making the body frame
Page 8: Making and fitting the neck
Page 9: Putting it all together less the windows
Page 10: Making the doors and windows
Page 11: Finished (all bar the fit-out)
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red english phone booths k6 and k2 sitting next to each other
The next project in queue is: 'How to build a Red Telephone Box - the K2'.

For some time I have toyed with the idea of building a red British-style telephone booth.
Nowadays these icons are a sought-after quirky accessory for people's homes and gardens.
I'd rather fancied one for our front yard.

I had taken a few photos of various red telephone booths around London, but the style that caught my eye was the K2 telephone booth (kiosk 2). There are not a great many K2s around and they are now a protected structure.
A much more abundant red booth is the K6. The K2 first hit the streets in 1926 and the K6 in 1935.

In my opinion, the K2 (kiosk 2) is the real deal - the real icon.

I liked the widow configuration better in the K2 than in the K6.
The windows in the K2 are equal in size, whereas the windows in the K6 are not. The K2 is also bigger than the K6, standing 9ft 4in in height and weighing 1250kgs: and that's without Billy Bunter standing in it.
Of course there are later models around now, but anything after the K6 takes on a completely different look and doesn't even come close to the charm of the original as far as I'm concerned.

The task ahead.
I want my version to look pretty much like the original. Obviously, mine will be made out of wood as opposed to the cast iron the original K2 was made out of, and probably my version will be scaled down a little (but not too much).
I think the construction of a lookalike phone box should be reasonably straightforward - all except for the roof. The domed (rounded) telephone box roof.... How was I going to make the domed roof?
Time for the thinking cap.

My plan of attack. the rounded (domed) top of the k2 english red phonr booth
I decided to build the phone box in three parts: the head, the neck, and the body.
I figured that the head would be the hardest part to build, so I would attack that first.

I came up with a few ideas how I might make a domed roof. But would they work?
First I would first make the outside walls (the pieces that surround the dome) of the head. That part would be easy enough to do as they are simply flat pieces of wood with arches cut along the tops.
I would then sit that portion on an even surface.
Then (probably out of custom wood or plywood or particle board) I would make cross-section and diagonal-section pieces to fit inside the head. I would shape the tops of those pieces to the required profile of the dome.
Then I would - Actually, I'm not 100% sure of my next step (just yet).

Note. The building instructions and plans for this telephone box have now been released and can be seen here

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