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Red Telephone Box

English red phonebox
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The making of a Red Telephone Box

By Les Kenny

Page Contents

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Thinking about my plan  you are on this page
Page 3: The head - getting started
Page 4: Creating the dome
Page 5: Finishing the head
Page 6: Dimensions and order of making
Page 7: Making the body frame
Page 8: Making and fitting the neck
Page 9: Putting it all together less the windows
Page 10: Making the doors and windows
Page 11: Finished (all bar the fit-out)
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red english phone booths k2 domed top So far I had sorted out (in my mind) how to make the arched sides for the head of the telephone box, and how to make cross-section and diagonal-section pieces to fit inside the head, enabling me to create a profile for the dome. But how was I going to finish the dome cover?

Something in the back of my mind was telling me to go concrete - at least with concrete I would be able to form the dome easily enough, but I would only resort to concrete as a last option.

After tinkering with a few ideas on how to make the dome cover using wood, I came to the conclusion that it was going to be pretty hard without getting exceptionally technical. So I decided concrete was the way to go for the dome - a very lightweight concrete.

So now, my plan is this:
I will make the sides of the head out of wood, as well as the cross-section and diagonal-section pieces that will fit inside the head. Then I will cover that with polythene sheet (plastic) pulled taut, and then cover that with some lightweight concrete - hypertufa.

O.K. Lets do it.

Note. The building instructions and plans for this telephone box have now been released and can be seen here

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