Neena builds a Stick Chair

Neena’s stick chair project by Les Kenny

Neena builds a folding stick chairNeena’s first build. Neena came to build a folding stick chair – not for herself but as a gift for a friend of hers who was moving into her first house. She was a real rip into it type person – Once started she wouldn’t come up for a breath until the job was done. Marvelous. Neena used existing BuildEazy plans for her project. The plans and instructions can be seen here . See her story below, followed by a sequence of photos, and at the end of the page is a comments section if you would like to add your tuppence worth.

Neena sitting in her folding stick chair

Plans and step-by-step instructions

This is an article in the ‘Novice Women Woodworkers‘ series.

Neena says…
Saw an add for a novice workshop for woman to build something out of wood and thought it would be an excellent opportunity to make something along with some expert guidance.

I owned an electric drill that really didn’t get used much, so jumped at the chance to build a gorgeous chair that he suggested would be perfect for my first project. I wanted to make this for a dear friend who was moving into a new home and needed a special chair to have her morning coffee in. She was delighted with this treasure that will last forever.

The plans were straight forward and far easier to build than I could’ve ever imagined. It was a delight working with Les who is a real character that made my nerves diminish making this a fun workshop.

He was a great and patient mentor, making me realize my potential was far greater than I had ever given myself credit for. So much so, I decided to make something for me, needing a cupboard in my laundry to fit into a 26cm gap and all the cupboards were 40cm.
So I can tick off: hand drill, drop saw, drill (holes).
Now I’ve done that it has spurred me on and setting my sights onto greater challenges like a veggie patch or bar made out of pallets. I now have the confidence & skills to build almost anything.
Thanks Les

A sequence of photos

Neenas stick chair pieces layed out
All the pieces cut and marked.

Neenas stick chair holes drilled
The holes drilled.

Neenas stick chair wire being thread
Threading the wire.

Neenas stick chair pieces aligned for wire threading
Aligning for more wire threading.

Neenas stick chair with the tie wire in
Wire in, now let’s see what happens.

Neenas stick chair opening up
Look! Its opening up.

Neenas stick chair wire being tightened
Now we’ll tighten it a little…

Neenas stick chair top wire being tightened
And the same with the top.

Neenas stick chair tire wire being trimmed
Cutting off the excess wire.

Neenas stick chair wire being fixed with screws
Trimming and holding the wire with screws… that’s about it.

Neenas stick chair finished
I made it and it’s all mine.

Plans and step-by-step instructions here

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  1. Hello
    I have made a couple of Kentucky stick chairs, on many pictures I also find a footstool in the same style. but I can not find any drawing for these. Where should I look for such a drawing ??

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