Robyn builds a stick chair

Robyn’s 1×2 stick chair project by Les Kenny

Robyn builds a folding stick chair out of 2x4 wood Robyn’s second build. Robyn’s first ever build was a large picnic table which can be seen here. She must have got a taste for woodworking projects because soon after she came back to make two stick chairs. One from a previous plan, and the second from a plan designed especially for her – a similar chair but made solely out of 1″ x 2″ (25mm x 50mm) wood.
The plans and instructions for this project can be seen HERE. – See her story below, followed by a sequence of photos, and at the end of the page is a comments section if you would like to add your tuppence worth.

Robyn sitting in her folding stick chair

See a brief video at YouTube
Plans with step-by-step instructions here

This is an article in the ‘Novice Women Woodworkers‘ series.

Robyn says…
My first ever experience in woodworking was really fun and super easy. A huge picnic table no less! ‘Measure well and take it slow’ is my advice to woodwork newbies!

Whilst working on my first project, I spied an intriguing looking folding chair. I really liked its modern look and Les suggested that I should have a go at making one.

The chair I made was constructed from narrow stick ripped from wider board, and if I followed the original pattern, the results would have been a chair too narrow to sit on comfortably. We ended up modifying the pattern by adding an extra centre piece to the back, front, and seat, to make it wider. Once the pieces were cut to size and holes drilled, assembly was very quick and straightforward.

The second chair was cut and assembled to the original pattern. As this was my second try, it was straightforward and quick to assemble and secure. Cut the pieces to required lengths, mark and drill holes for threading then wire it all up. The fun part is unfolding the chair after assembly. It looks complicated but is a very easy make.

Now I have two (sort of) matching folding chairs. Slim and wide version, both very comfortable. My fellow flat dwellers Iove sitting in them on summer evenings in our shares backyard.

Overall, a very practical and satisfying project that anyone could tackle with the right tools.

A sequence of photos

Robyns stick chair pieces being ripped
Ripping the pieces out of 1×6.

Robyns stick chair pieces being cut
Cutting the pieces to length.

Robyns stick chair pieces being marked
Marking the pieces.

Robyns stick chair pieces being marked for the holes
Marking the drill holes.

Robyns stick chair pieces being drilled
Drilling the holes.

Robyns stick chair wire being thread
Wire being thread.

Robyns stick chair more wire being thread
More wire being thread.

Robyns stick chair stacking it up
Laying one on top of the other.

Robyns stick chair still more wire being thread
Tieing it all together.

Robyns stick chair opened up
Look! It opened up.

Robyns stick chair wire being trimed
Trimming the wire.

Robyns stick chair wire being fixed with screws
Holding the wire with screws.

Robyns stick chair wire being fixed with more screws
Let’s put in another screw.

Robyns two stick chairs
I’ve made two of them.

A pair of stick chairs
Not bad eh?

Plans and step-by-step instructions here

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