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How to build an
Old Style Park Bench
park bench seat
How to build an
Old Style Park Bench - ft and inch version
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For the metric (mm) version visit our sister website here
bullet Page 1: introduction and material list
bullet Page 2: Plans - the individual pieces
bullet Page 3: Plans - elevations and details
bullet Page 4: Instructions - making the legs
arrow Page 5: Instructions - making the arms
bullet Page 6: Instructions - the cut-outs
bullet Page 7: Instructions - back and front assembly
bullet Page 8: Instructions - seat boards and braces
bullet Page 9: Instructions - arms and back infill
bullet Page 10: User Photo/Comments
Step 3: Join the front legs and side rails

Out of 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" wood, cut two side rails at 23" long.

The front legs are already made (step 1).

Add some glue to the insides of the mortise holes in the front legs.

leg and side rail fixing detail Then tap the side rails in through the mortises, until they protrude 1" out the other side.

Ensure that the side rails are at right angles (90°) to the front legs.

You can then hammer a couple of nails into each leg to secure the joints.
the legs and the side rails
a mortise and tenon joint

outline of the arm Step 4: Make the arms

Cut two pieces of 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" wood, 26" long for the two arms.

Draw a grid on one of the pieces with the grid spacings 2" apart.

Using the picture below as reference (or using a clearer picture here), approximate the points between the grid lines on the arm piece. Then draw lines from point to point so that you have a pattern on the arm piece similar to the pattern drawing below.

park bench arm pattern

Prior to cutting, hold the marked piece of wood in position in relation to the front and rear legs (which are temporarily placed together), to ensure the back angle of the arm is correct (see photo top-right).

Then cut the arm shape out using a power saw, jig-saw and handsaw where needed.

Once you have cut out the first arm, use it as a pattern to mark and cut the second.

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