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How to build an
Old Style Park Bench
park bench seat
How to build an
Old Style Park Bench - ft and inch version
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For the metric (mm) version visit our sister website here
bullet Page 1: introduction and material list
bullet Page 2: Plans - the individual pieces
bullet Page 3: Plans - elevations and details
bullet Page 4: Instructions - making the legs
bullet Page 5: Instructions - making the arms
arrow Page 6: Instructions - the cut-outs
bullet Page 7: Instructions - back and front assembly
bullet Page 8: Instructions - seat boards and braces
bullet Page 9: Instructions - arms and back infill
bullet Page 10: User Photo/Comments
the park bench pieces Step 5: Cut the rest of the frame pieces

Cut the rest of the frame pieces which are...
The rear rail, the front rail, the upper backrest rail, the lower backrest rail, and two seat support pieces.

Refer to the piece plan for all the necessary dimensions.

The seat supports are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" wood, 50 1/4" long.
Rip (cut lengthwise) a length of 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" wood in half to get the two seat support pieces.

The upper backrest rail, the lower backrest rail, and two seat support pieces all need rebates cut in them.
The piece plan also gives the rebate dimensions.
The rebates can be easily cut out with a circular saw.

rebate detail

the shaped braces for the bench seat Step 6: Make the shaped braces

Cut four shaped braces to go in the corners where the legs and side rails meet, to give added bracing strength.

Use 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" wood to cut the braces out of.

Draw a grid on one of the pieces with the grid spacings 2" apart.

Using the picture below as reference, approximate the points between the grid lines on the brace piece then draw lines from point to point so that you have a pattern on the brace piece similar to the pattern drawing below.

brace pattern

Then cut the brace shape out using a power saw, jig-saw and handsaw where needed.

Once you have cut out the first brace, use it as a pattern to mark and cut the other three.

the cut-outs and grooves in the back legs and back rails Step 7: Make the cut-outs and grooves

The two rear legs require a cut-out (to house the upper backrest rail) and the upper backrest rail requires a grove at each end (to house the rear legs).

The grooves in the backrest fit into the cut-outs in the rear legs in an interlocking fashion.

Both the cut-outs and the grooves can be made by setting the blade in a circular saw to the required depth and making multiple cuts across the cut-out and groove area. They can then be cleaned out with a chisel.

Refer to the plan below for the cut-out and groove dimensions.

cut-out and grove detail

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