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How to build an
Old Style Park Bench
park bench seat
How to build an
Old Style Park Bench - ft and inch version
See video
For the metric (mm) version visit our sister website here
bullet Page 1: introduction and material list
bullet Page 2: Plans - the individual pieces
bullet Page 3: Plans - elevations and details
bullet Page 4: Instructions - making the legs
bullet Page 5: Instructions - making the arms
bullet Page 6: Instructions - the cut-outs
bullet Page 7: Instructions - back and front assembly
bullet Page 8: Instructions - seat boards and braces
arrow Page 9: Instructions - arms and back infill
bullet Page 10: User Photo/Comments
fitting the arm Step 13: Fit the arm

Cut the tops off the knobs on both arms.

This can be done with a miter saw, band saw, bench saw or even a hand saw.

Add glue to the ends of the arms and the top of the front legs.

Position the arms and fix (nail) the back of them to the rear legs. The front of the arms will be sitting loosely on top of the front legs.

Drill down through the top of the arms into the top of the front legs.
Make the drill hole (through the arm) the same size as the shank of the screw.
Make the drill hole into the top of the leg, a smaller size than the shank of the screw.

Insert the screws (8" long galvanized lag screws) and tighten them.

Then glue and nail the top pieces back on the arm to cover the bolt heads.
fixing the arm to the leg
decorative artwork for the back of the bench Step 14: Paint it and fit the back infill

Finally, Paint the bench and then fit some sort of metalwork to the back of the seat.

This can be wrought iron, a decorative metal wall hanging which can be found at some garden centers, or anything similar - even wood art or trellis.

A seat to be proud of. Enjoy!

add some art work to the back of the seat

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