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How to make a Kentucky Stick Chair

wooden stick chair
Stick chair project

Step 6. The last wire

Kentucky chair coupler pieces aligned and threaded

Slide the back pieces forward along the seat pieces so that the ends of the back pieces overhang the seat pieces by approximately 6½" (163mm).

For further visual reference see the 'Step 6 drawing' at the bottom of the previous page.

Align the coupler holes with the back piece lower holes, and thread wire through them.

Step 7. All the wire in

The last pieces of wire threaded into the chair

And that's all the wire in place.

Four lengths in all.

At this stage everything is fairly loose.

All the wire is longer than required and will be cut off in due course.

Coming along marvelously.

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Step 8. Push the top in

The chair top pushed in

Give the top a bit of a squeeze in.

This is really the interesting part because you will now get to see how the chair unfolds.

Simply grab the wire at each end of the chair top and lift the unit up so it's upright and on its legs.   Continue >